7 Reasons to Love Dresses

Why does Anikka Becker design summer dresses?

1) Dresses are pretty. They make you feel confident and therefore more beautiful.

2) Dresses are versatile. They come in thousands of styles. There's one to flatter every body type.

3) Dresses are easy. One piece. No need to hunt for a top to go with the bottom. No aggravation from the blouse that untucks from skirt or pants.

4) Dresses are shoe-friendly. They work with heels or flats. Sandals. Boots. Name it. If your style is to start with the shoes, there's always a dress to go with them.

5) Dresses are practical. You can run for a bus, you can sit on the ground, and you can put your essentials in the pockets.

6) Dresses are comfortable. Way more comfortable than jeans. They are cool in hot, humid weather.

7) Dresses work everywhere. Office. Evening. Party. Picnic. Choose the right dress and you can throw it over your suit to wear to the pool, swim your laps, and be ready for lunch afterward. With a change of shoes and accessories, you can wear the same dress to a wedding.

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Posted on May 21, 2017 .