Upcoming Rendezvous

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On your calendar in September we have placed a rendezvous.

For now, let us look at just what this word means. The word rendezvous (pronounced ron-day-VOO, or equally correct by speakers of American English, RON-day-voo) is the modern spelling of the French expression rendez-vous.

Students of the French language may recognize this as the imperative form of the verb, se rendre, to present oneself. In 16th century usage, the command 'Rendez-vous!' given to soldiers meant, 'Present yourselves!' The location where the soldiers presented or gathered became known as the rendezvous.

Today in modern usage, the word rendezvous is used in French or English to refer to any kind of meeting of two or more persons with an established time and place. Think of it as the equivalent of the English word, 'appointment.' In both languages rendezvous may also be used to refer to the location where the meeting will take place, as in 'The rendezvous will be in front of the library.' In English it may even be used as a verb, as in 'We'll rendezvous at the library.' Also in English the word rendezvous may take on an additional shade of meaning, suggesting a meeting with a private purpose.

Now that we've cleared that up, we will take this opportunity to remind you that In September you will have a rendezvous. Details to follow.




Posted on August 27, 2017 .