What does a summer dress designer do in January?

Whew. What a month. We've missed you! So glad to be back.

At Anikka Becker we design dresses in fine linen and cotton. We love hot weather. Our favorite moment is Midsummer Day. So in January we kick back? Not.

2018 arrived with gale force. The biggest event so far has been the completion of our new logo and the update of the website to show it off. Check out the logo, outstanding work of graphic designer Natalie Leroux at Studio Eighty Seven.

Yes, of course we've been creating new designs. Countless pleasant hours passed as we considered the grainline of a skirt panel or the length of a sleeve. We (tried to) practice good pattern housekeeping, updating and organizing design templates.

We traveled to snowy New York to select 2019 fabrics. Got some gorgeous stuff.

We installed a new computer system, and as a result of new wireless everything, were able to reorganize the workroom. Which helped us get ready for an upcoming event about which we're very excited, the arrival this month of a new apprentice.

So now it's February. After all necessary homage to the Groundhog, we return with relief to our normal schedule.



Posted on February 4, 2018 .