Mediterranean Blue

Our first dress of 2018, the Amalfi Linen, celebrates the brilliant blues of the Mediterranean Sea. We never tire of looking at this sparkling water. We love how it moves from clear turquoise to deep violet. On its own, each shade is magnificent. Every glimpse of this sea is as as beautiful as the first.

So we got to thinking, what makes the Mediterranean so blue? With a little research we learned that the water of the Mediterranean is 'oligotrophic,' which means it has very little food. Specifically it lacks the nutrients to support the growth of phytoplankton, the tiny microscopic creatures which, when present in large enough numbers, can make water murky and give it a green or brown discoloration.

These low-nutrient conditions prevail throughout the waters of Mediterranean, an almost landlocked sea. But over time, certain spots have gained a reputation as 'the bluest.' We offer you a look at the contenders. Study the photos. We bet you won't see a single plankton.






Posted on March 25, 2018 .