Field Notes from Yorktown

Yesterday we had a fantastic time at the French Market in Yorktown, Virginia. Gorgeous bright, windy day. Huge crowd and a friendly welcome with tons of interest in our designs. Special thanks to those who stopped by. We really enjoyed meeting you and of course appreciate the business.


After the show we had a chance to walk around Yorktown. On the busy riverfront we visited several interesting shops. From there we traveled up to Main Street-- largely unchanged since the 18th century. The layout of the quiet streets and charming houses gave us the feeling of space and serenity that must have been life in the Virginia colony.


And right there, on the edge of a grassy field overlooking the York River, is a monument to the moment that made the world take notice. Yorktown is where the colonists defeated the mighty British empire and secured American independence.


During our visit we learned that the town has a handsome namesake plant, the Yorktown Onion. This species of wild leek is so highly regarded that it is against the law to pick it. In May and June it covers the local landscape, including the battlefield, with showy purple blossoms. One small but beautiful way that the land has thrived with independence.


Posted on April 22, 2018 .