The Art of Every Day

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Anikka Becker believes every day is a reason to dress well.

Beautiful fabric is the inspiration, natural fiber the foundation. We hand-select fine linen and cotton in a glorious array of colors.   

We have a nostalgia for the pretty dress. Our designs have classic lines. To make beautiful garments that also work, we draw on traditions ranging from couture construction to prairie practicality, from a fine pick-stitched zipper sewn in by hand to a graceful skirt, full enough to walk, run, or sit on the ground.

The fine art of every day is the fine art of living. Those who live well tell us they never want the day to end. One easy way to live well is to dress well. We do our part. Anikka Becker makes the dress a woman puts away with regret at the end of the day.

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